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What is a QDRO?

In long marriages retirement benefits are often the largest asset couples will be dividing in a divorce a QDRO is the legal document needed to execute that division.

QDRO pronounced “qua-dro” or “Q-dro” is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. If you or your spouse has employee benefits that include, retirement benefits or pensions, then you will need a QDRO to divide those funds per your Separation Agreement that has been approved by the Court. The QDRO is a legal document detailing the division of the pension or retirement to be executed by the Human Resource department (often the Benefits Manager) of your (or your spouse’s) company.

Do you need a Colorado QDRO attorney? Absolutely, a QDRO is a legal document that you cannot afford to make mistakes on. Make sure that the attorney you hire has experience with QDRO’s.

Your divorce must be final to submit your QDRO to a Plan Administrator. You will need to provide us with:

  • A copy of your Separation Agreement or Permanent Orders
  • A final Divorce Decree
  • Information from your company that identifies the Plan Administrator and if available a sample of the form in which the Plan Administrator would like the QDRO to be drafted.

QDRO Terms

Plan Participant- This is the party that has the retirement asset or the owner of the account.
Alternate Payee- This is the party who will be receiving a share of the asset.
Plan Administrator- This is the person at your plan that will review the QDRO. Often we will be in communication with this person to pre-approve the QDRO prior to submitting the QDRO to Court.
Cost of preparing your QDRO-

The standard fee for Mitch Tacy to prepare your QDRO is $450. This fee is for 401(K) Plans and 457 Plans.
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