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If a couple desires to remain married yet they no longer wish to live together and want to untangle and separate their assets and debts they need a Legal Separation. Under certain circumstances this may be more advantageous to the couple than a Dissolution of Marriage (divorce). It could be of benefit financially for some couples to remain legally married. A Legal Separation should be considered when maintaining health insurance for both parties if the insurance is provided by one spouses employer. If both parties wish to remain married for religious reasons, but would like to divide assets and debts, Legal Separation is an option.

A Legal Separation will outline a legal settlement that must be adhered to. If you have any children from the marriage, child custody as well as child support and parenting time will have to be determined. As in a divorce the best interests of the children are of paramount importance in any separation agreement. If any maintenance is to be paid, this will also be addressed in a Legal Separation. Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities will need to be addressed. A Legal Separation is very similar to a divorce, with the major difference being that the couple will remain legally married.

You should not enter into a Legal Separation without the advice of an experienced divorce attorney since the terms will be considered binding even if you later determine that you did not fully understand what you were signing. The agreement is considered a contract under Colorado law and is often difficult to modify at a later time.

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