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The State of Colorado puts the highest emphasis on the welfare of children. For this reason, child support orders are strictly enforced.

An experienced family lawyer, Mitch Tacy, can advise and represent you in all types of child support matters, including:

  • Determination of the child support level
  • Modifications in child support
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Paternity as it relates to child support

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How much child support will I receive or how much child support will you owe?

The child support level in Colorado is determined by statutory guidelines. The level is based upon factors such as the incomes of the parents and the amount of time the child spends with each parent, adjusted for certain expenses (add ons) such as health care and education costs. Judges have some latitude to deviate from these guidelines — in exceptional cases of hardship or extraordinarily high income earners.

As with other types of formulas, the final outputs are only as good as the data going into the calculations. If a significant change in circumstances occurs such as a change in the income of a parent, we can seek to obtain a modification in the child support level for you.

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Complex Child Support Issues

Certain child support issues can present complex problems. When a parent is self-employed, has hidden sources of income or is an extraordinarily high incomer earner, special efforts must be made to determine the true level of income and the reasonable expenses of the children.

When necessary, we can call upon forensic accountants and financial analysts who can support your case or challenge the assertions of the other party.

Child Support Modifications

If you are desiring to modify your Colroado child support or believe that your child support (or proposed modification) needs to be adjusted!

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