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Pros and Cons of Fort Collins Divorce MediationDivorce mediation

At Mitch Tacy Family Law Attorney & Mediator we appreciate you researching the possibility of divorce mediation. You do not have to be friends or agree on every issue to finalize your divorce through mediation. We believe that mediation is the healthiest way to end a divorce-both financially and emotionally.

Pros of a Mediated Divorce include:

  • Good faith participation greatly increases your opportunity to achieve fair and amicable results.
  • Protecting your children from the negative emotional and financial effects of a court battle.
  • Divorce is on your own time schedule. You decide the pace of your divorce not the court.
  • Maintain control of your future. You and spouse trust yourselves to arrive at a fair and equitable dissolution of your marriage.
  • Make informed decisions. Your divorce will be mediated by an experienced divorce attorney.
  • Save money, time and emotional distress by avoiding a litigated divorce, paying two attorneys, and avoiding Court appearances, conferences, and hearings.

Cons of a Mediated Divorce

  • If you cannot reach an agreement, then you will still have to go to the time and expense of Colorado divorce litigation.
  • Your mediator will not be able to testify or help either of you if your case goes to court.
  • If you cannot negotiate amicably in front of a third party, mediation is not for you.
  • If there is a large imbalance of power in your relationship or if domestic violence is involved, mediation is not for you.

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