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How Divorce Mediation with Mitch Tacy WorksColorado Divorce Mediation

At Mitch Tacy Family Law Attorney & Mediator you will find a neutral, unbiased forum for each party to communicate her/his respective goals and desired outcomes. Together, we will agree upon a process for exchanging information, ideas, and proposals.

During the mediation a standard of communication is maintained among the participants that is respectful, honest, and calm.

Mitch will help you identify all relevant issues that must and should be resolved within the Colorado divorce process, including but not limited to: spousal and child support, property division (real property, investments, retirement accounts, motor vehicles, business interests, life insurance policies, and other assets), debt division (including but not limited to credit cards, mortgages, vehicle loans, and past/present/future tax liabilities), and other issues involved in separating and terminating the financial partnership of marriage, as well as all parenting issues when applicable.

Throughout the mediation, Mitch Tacy will act as a neutral party, facilitating and encouraging (not dictating) the negotiation and discussion of all issues. He will facilitate the exchange of all financial information and mandatory disclosures required under Colorado law. He will provide neutral, unbiased information on: (a) the applicable law and legal standards that a Court would apply to resolve any disagreements, (b) the procedural processes involved in obtaining a litigated resolution, and (c) the costs inherent therein.

When children are involved, Mitch Tacy will direct parents to identify, focus and concentrate on their child(ren)’s best interests.

When the parties reach an impasse, you will be helped by exploring alternative proposals to resolve challenging issues.

When and if parties need outside professional guidance, Mitch Tacy Family Law Attorney & Mediator will suggest and provide service referrals (CPAs, appraisers, financial planners, vocational professionals, family counselors, child and family investigators, parenting coaches etc.).

When the mediation process is complete, you will receive a full and final set of ALL documents necessary including a “Separation Agreement” and “Parenting Plan” (for submission to and approval by the District Court that will handle the divorce case). Here is a complete list of documents that we complete and provide our mediation clients:

Case Information Sheet

Co-Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (with or without kids)

Separation Agreement

Parenting Plan (if applicable)

Child Support Worksheet (if applicable)

Certificate of Compliance

Affidavit for Decree without the Appearance of Parties (people without kids)

Affidavit for Decree

Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

What you provide:

Sworn Financial Statements

Certificate of Completion that you have taken the required parenting class (people with kids)

You will be filing these documents with the Court. There is a filing fee of $230 due when you file in person at the Courthouse.

Due to his experience as a family law attorney and mediator, Mitch Tacy has the ability to recognize when mediation is not working. If your mediation has ended unsuccessfully, the discussions and agreements in the mediation will remain private. If your mediation fails (which is unlikely, 95% of our meditations result in success) neither party can hire Mitch Tacy as their divorce attorney or call Mitch Tacy as a witness in your future litigated divorce.

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