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While there is no guarantee that your case will have the same results the following are examples of a few of our clients cases and their outcomes:

High Conflict Loveland Divorce and Custody. This was a divorce/custody case involving issues of  neglect, domestic violence, and physical and sexual abuse – all occurring within an environment fueled by methamphetamine use. I represented my client in two emergency hearings, two temporary orders hearings, a permanent orders hearing, and throughout the process of a child and family investigation.

High Conflict Berthoud Custody (Non-Marriage). This highly conflicted custody case involved numerous emergency and non-emergency hearings regarding physical and emotional endangerment, parental alienation, the application (and later removal) of supervised parenting time upon my client, change(s) in primary custody, and the imposition of limited and supervised visitation (upon the opposing party parent).

High Conflict Fort Collins Relocation. This custody dispute included issues of endangerment, parental relocation, and grandparent intervention for visitation. I represented my client in two temporary hearings, through the process of a family investigation, and an emergency hearing. In the hearing following the Court’s issuance of (stipulated) permanent orders, the Court – based on re-emerging endangerment issues – reversed prior orders, providing for the return of the child to Colorado, and modifying the child’s primary residential custodian.

High Conflict Larimer County Divorce and Custody. This divorce/custody case involved: i) securing orders of protection for spouse and children; ii) the imposition via temporary orders of supervised visitation upon emotional endangerment findings; iii) subsequent removal, via an emergency, exparte order and temporary orders hearing of supervised parenting time due to endangerment; and iv) permanent custody orders barring visitation. The case consisted of more than a dozen emergency and temporary hearings, a permanent orders trial, and a contempt hearing resulting in a 30 day imprisonment.

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