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Fort Collins Divorce Attorney and Mediator Mitch Tacy

Fort Collins Divorce Attorney & Mediator Mitch Tacy

Fort Collins Divorce Attorney & Mediator Mitch Tacy

At Mitch Tacy Family Law Attorney & Mediator we realize that you have come to this website because you are facing or may soon be facing a family law issue. It’s a tough time and our sympathies are with you. As a Fort Collins Divorce Attorney, I understand how divorce and its related components can take its toll on you financially, physically and mentally so be sure and take good care of yourself.

Whether you are at the beginning of a Colorado divorce or child custody issue or modifying prior Court orders for parenting time allocation and child support, we are here to offer the experience you need to get through this difficult time.

Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer with over 15 years experience

Mitch Tacy, Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer,  has been helping people minimize the financial and emotional cost of divorce in Larimer County and Weld County since 2001.

We will listen to your concerns and negotiate your family law case with creativity and common sense. We can begin working on your case immediately and will stay with you every step of the way.

You will find quite a bit of information within this website to help you learn more about your individual situation. Maybe you do not need a Larimer County or Weld County family law attorney. The Larimer County Self Help Center is a wonderful resource for simple legal filings. However, if you have a complex case, you can save time and money by hiring an experienced Fort Collins attorney now.  Do-it-yourself mistakes made early in the process can be expensive or impossible to fix down the legal road.

Do It Yourself Fort Collins Colorado Divorce Resources


Mitch Tacy Family Law Attorney & Mediator offers a free phone consultation to residents of Larimer County and Weld County who are not currently represented by a Colorado family law attorney. Please call 970-214-8840 to arrange for a convenient time for us to call you. During your free consultation we can answer your questions, give you the facts about the process of filing a divorce and/or child custody case and give you an estimate of the cost.  We have found the prices charged for divorce in Northern Colorado vary dramatically. We recommend you get an estimate of what your Colorado divorce will cost in both a best case and worst case scenario from all the attorneys you interview. For best results find an attorney who specializes in family law and practices in the County where your case will be heard.

Mitch Tacy Family Law Attorney & Mediator
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  • Testimonials

    Yes!!!! Time to move on and do big things. Thank you so much Mitch. You have been a great attorney and I consider you a friend for helping me through the hardest thing I have ever been through. I have big plans and plan on living a more fulfilling life than I was previously. Thanks again. Regards, Daniel G.